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I am proud to represent more than 16,000 veterans living in California’s 44th District.  Our veterans answered the call to defend our democracy and freedom, and in return we must honor them and their families by ensuring they have all the tools and resources necessary to succeed in civilian life.  As a member of the bipartisan Congressional Military-Veterans Caucus, I will continue to ardently champion for America’s veterans, active duty personnel, and their families.

Our service members make tremendous sacrifices for our country, but too many don’t get the support they need when they return home. I introduced the Housing Homeless Veterans Act to address our veteran homeless problem by directing housing vouchers for homeless veterans to areas of the country where they are needed most.

Many assume that joining the military means an automatic guarantee of citizenship. It does not. I am passionately working to address the growing issue of deported veterans. My legislation, the Veterans’ Pathway to Citizenship Act, grants lawful permanent resident (LPR) status to any current or former member of the Armed Forces, and provides guidance and resources so that service members can more easily obtain citizenship. Anyone who risks their life to fight for our country should be granted citizenship.