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Our seniors deserve health and financial well-being in their golden years. We must honor the promises the Social Security system made to workers and retirees. Maintaining the integrity of this safety net is a national priority. Without Social Security income and Medicare coverage, many seniors would fall into poverty—an unkind reward for a lifetime of work.

It is vital that we honor the promises our Social Security system has made to our nation’s workers and retirees. Maintaining the integrity of this vital safety net must be a national priority, as Social Security income is necessary for seniors no longer in the workforce. At a time when President Trump and Republicans in Congress have signaled a desire to dismantle many Social Security protections—forcing seniors to negotiate their own health and retirement benefits—it is imperative that we continue fighting to preserve the guaranteed benefits our nation’s seniors depend on.

I am fighting to preserve and strengthen healthcare reforms that make quality, affordable healthcare coverage accessible to all of America’s seniors. The care and services provided by Medicare and Medicaid are often the only resources available for senior healthcare. Seniors deserve to have a dignified retirement, not to have their access to healthcare and basic income programs cut out from underneath them.