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Jobs & The Economy

We need to continue the post-recession economic recovery started under President Obama’s administration. While unemployment is at its lowest level since the Recession of 2008, we must continue to work so that the recovery touches everyone. I will fight for economic policies that strengthen California’s working class.

Americans have struggled with stagnant or falling wages for decades. I am a strong supporter of equal pay provisions and a staunch defender of worker’s rights. I will continue to advocate for a pro-labor agenda, including raising the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour and ensuring Davis-Bacon Act protections remain in place.

Eighty percent of all international trade passes through our nation’s ports. Trade is incredibly important to our region and our local economy. But for too long trade deals have benefited big business at the expense of U.S. workers and our environment. I will fight to ensure that trade agreements are transparent and reflect our national priorities. We need agreements that benefit working families, raise wages, and keep good paying jobs here at home, as well as provide environmental safeguards and health protections.