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October 10, 2017

Rep. Barragan Responds to the Trump Administration’s Plan to Repeal the Clean Power Plan

Rep. Barragan responds to the Trump administration’s plan to repeal the Clean Power Plan

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Rep. Nanette Diaz Barragán (D-San Pedro) issued the following statement after Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt took steps today to repeal the Clean Power Plan:

“Scott Pruitt’s decision to undo the Clean Power Plan is a step backward for public health and the environment.

By rolling back these regulations, the administration will ensure our air is more polluted and greenhouse gases continue to pile up in the atmosphere. America’s future needs to be clean, renewable energy and the jobs those new technologies are creating.

We count on the EPA to protect our air and water. Administrator Pruitt appears more interested in doing the bidding of the fossil fuel industry than in upholding the mission of the agency he swore to lead. Pruitt’s decision is regressive and will disproportionately hurt low-income and communities of color. Vulnerable communities, including those in my district, tend to breath the unhealthiest air and bear the brunt of the worst effects of climate change.

Simply put, Scott Pruitt’s misguided actions threaten the health of American families.”


Rep. Barragán is Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Task Force on the Environment and the Congressional Progressive Caucus Energy and Environment Taskforce. She co-chairs the United for Climate and Environmental Justice Congressional Task Force to address the disproportionate environmental impact on communities of color, low-income families, and other marginalized groups. She represents California’s 44th Congressional District, home to one of the most heavily polluted districts in the country