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March 17, 2017

Washington Post: DHS Secretary Kelly, House Democrats face off at first meeting

 | March 17

In a testy first meeting with congressional Democrats Friday, an unrepentant Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly said immigration agents would stay away from churches, hospitals and schools but would continue to enforce federal law.

Democrats grilled Kelly for an hour in a packed, closed-door meeting at the Capitol that aides said at times devolved into shouting, exasperating the secretary, a former Marine general, who blurted, “give me a break,” according to two people in the room.

Rep. Nanette Barragan (D-Ca.), a member of the Homeland Security committee, and others challenged Kelly over Trump’s plans to build the border wall with Mexico.

“Every member of Congress who’s read classified briefings knows that the number-one terror threat is not coming through that south border wall,” she said after the meeting. “I said, look, what is the justification from taking away money from TSA and the Coast Guard, where there is a much bigger threat of terrorism, to plan out that south border wall? And I didn’t really get an answer.” READ MORE